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Real life change happens in community, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why we have ministry groups—to bring people together and make lasting relationships.

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At Zion Baptist Church of Ambler, we have the privilege of being part of the work that GOD is doing to touch our communities and our globe in mighty and meaningful ways.

We have provided resources for children, teens and adults with special needs; services to the disadvantaged through clothing, food and homeless ministries; counseling, nursing home, crisis response – and many more! Learn more about how you can serve Christ in our church, our communities and around the world.

Usher Ministry

A ministry of dedicated saints, serving the church by greeting, seating and adhering to the needs of the congregation during services.

Culinary Ministry

A group of dedicated Saints engaged in preparing food and beverage for the congregation on various occasions.

Dance Ministry

Expertly choreograph Christian Dancers expressing the Word of God through Christian music. The group consists of children, teenagers and young adults.

Bereavement Ministry

Lends support to those who are going through the grieving process, through cards and prayer.

Zion Biblical School Ministry

The school provides two semesters per year with at classes available. The congregation is encouraged to participate.

Marriage Enrichment

Provides a vehicle for discussion regarding  marriage and what God expects from us as it pertains to institution of marriage.

Mens Ministry

Weekly meeting of men consisting of Bible study, testimonies and God’s life solutions according to His Word. (Saturday Mornings)

Youth Ministry

An active ministry dedicated to the spiritual growth and teaching of our youth. This ministry has a dedicated staff committed to the ministry success. (Ages 4-18)

Music Ministry

The music ministry is made up of talented singers and musicians providing worship through song.

The music ministry includes: Males Choir, Senior Choir, Praise & Worship Team and Youth Choir.

Media Ministry

Operates all sound and video equipment, providing sermons and church services on CD. Must have a the ability to assist in designing, programming and building programs that will assist the mission.

Womens Ministry

Weekly meeting of women consisting of Bible study, testimonies and God’s life solutions according to His Word.

Sunday School Ministry

A coordination of various Sunday Schools comprising our youth as well as young adults and seniors. (Ages 4-up)

Home Bible Study

This ministry affords those who can’t get to Bible study the opportunity of partaking in Bible study classes in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

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